Pregnancy + Postpartum

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I offer Comprehensive Psychiatric Specialty Care to women and men during the reproductive years which,

  • Involves rapid assessment and intervention to improve mood, diminish anxiety, and optimize function for the sake of the entire family.
  • Incorporates specific medical knowledge of pregnancy and postpartum changes, both emotionally and physically.
  • Addresses the dramatic relationship changes, including those related to sexual intimacy, which occur when committed partners bring children into their relationship.
  • May include psychotherapy and/or medications as well as collaboration with other medical providers.
  • Recognizes the unique struggles related to the infertility experience, gestating and parenting multiples, pregnancy loss, and infant death.
  • Embraces common sense problem solving around urgent issues such as infant sleep and feeding, and division of household tasks.
  • Entails treatment for the symptoms of trauma, from sexual or childhood abuse for example, which sometimes surface during pregnancy or postpartum, and while undergoing medical treatments or giving birth.
  • Explores the risks and benefits of taking psychotropic medications while pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as the risks to offspring of parents being symptomatic of a psychiatric disorder while pregnant, breastfeeding, and parenting.

With your permission, some sessions may include your partner. Partner involvement in psychiatric care can increase relationship strength and flexibility preparing couples to support each other through the many transitions of parenthood. This may be critical, as studies have shown that a lack of spousal support in the childbearing years predicts a greater risk of depression and anxiety in both partners.

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