New Clients

Your first appointment will be 80 minutes. During this visit we establish a connection as I learn about your past experiences, current reality, and future hopes. A thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation is performed over one to three appointments. This ensures that we uncover all potential contributors to your distress and prioritize issues requiring treatment. However, therapeutic interventions are initiated at your first session, and built upon thereafter for the duration of your treatment.

Subsequent visits are generally 45 to 50 minutes. The frequency of sessions and length of treatment are dependent upon your preference, the severity and persistence of your symptoms and concerns, as well as your response to our mutually developed treatment plan.

On occasion, I will agree to do 20-minute sessions focused on your treatment with medication. However, research shows that the relationship with the therapist or prescriber is critical to healing. Therefore, these shorter appointments work best if you are in regular therapy with me at another time, or with a different therapist ongoing.

If you do have a therapist already, I am happy to focus on the medical aspect of your treatment working in tandem with your therapist so that you benefit from a team approach to your care.

For those who are undergoing medical treatment of any kind, I collaborate with primary care providers, specialists, and complimentary practitioners, with your permission.

If you are ready to establish your care with me, contact my practice manager to set up an intake.  

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If you are ready to establish your care with me, call 971-220-8338 or  contact my practice manager to set up an intake.