In Network/Preferred Provider

I am an in-network or “preferred provider” with Blue Cross-Blue Shield, ODS/Moda, Pacific Source and Samaritan. If you are insured by one of these companies, you will pay a co-pay for each session. The co-pay amount is set according to the specific plan that your employer, or you, chose. You will need to confirm that your specific plan covers my services, even if it is one of those listed below, as there have been exceptions.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Pacific Source Insurance Moda Insurance Samaritan Insurance

Out of Network Provider

All other insurance plans may be billed for my services as well. Depending on your coverage, your insurance may reimburse me for a portion of each session. You are responsible for payment of the remaining charges. The amount that insurance will reimburse an out-of-network provider is determined, again, by your specific insurance plan. We do not bill Medicare orOregon Health Plans such as Family Care at this time.

At the beginning of each calendar year, most plans pass on initial health care costs to the patient in the form of a “deductible.” Until your deductible is met, you are responsible for payment in full.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

Please check with your insurance company regarding coverage of my services, and track your coverage as treatment progresses. Questions you may want to ask your insurance company include:

  1. Do I currently have coverage?
  2. Is Adria Goodness, CNM, PMHNP covered under my plan as a preferred provider, or an out-of-network provider?
  3. What is my annual deductible?  Have I met my deductible for the current year?
  4. What percentage of the care given by Adria will be covered under my current plan?  What portion am I responsible for?
  5. What is my co-pay for each session if Adria is an in-network or preferred provider?
  6. What is my maximum benefit (dollar amount or number of visits per year) for mental health care?

Direct Billing

We are happy to bill you directly if you are uninsured or if you wish to opt out of billing your insurance for any reason. Ultimately, bills become your responsibility if your insurance company does not cover services rendered.


Payment of fees is expected at each visit. For those who have made other arrangements, payment by the 15th of the month is required. If such payment is not made, a $25.00 re-billing charge may be assessed for that month. Should the bank return your check, there will be a $25.00 returned check charge. If we cannot collect your balance, your account may be turned over to an attorney or collection agency and you will be responsible for legal or collection costs incurred.

We are happy to answer any remaining questions. Please call 971-220-8338 and speak with my practice manager.

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Insurance Questions?

We are happy to answer any remaining questions. Please call 971-220-8338 and speak with my practice manager.